How to make photoshop file recovery?

Today Accidentally my photoshop has closed at that time I am working on my demo template work from last 2 months, so again I open my .psd file error prompt “could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop”.

Several times I tried but it can’t open my .psd file. If anyone faces this type problem or has any solution to solve this I will be very thankful to you, of course its my two months hard work.

Brent Huddlestone

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Hi Brent,
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You should look for help at Photoshop Community:

By Almir R V Santos   

You could try this: Recovery Toolbox for Photoshop I haven't tried myself, yet, but you could give the free trial a spin and see what happens. I'd be curious to see the before and after if you do.
If you are using time machine it does a backup every couple hours, so you can get previous versions that way. As a habit I save my file with a different name every couple hours, just in case a file gets corrupted.

Timothy Robbins   

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