How do you enter a pop up calendar to a pdf form?

I created a form in Adobe In-Design CS5.5. I have several date fields and would like to enter a pop up calendar for each. Also I want to link boxes...1 box will contain 2 digit numbers and the other box will contain 3 digit numbers. I want it to where if you choose a two digit number in the other box (field) you can only choose the 3 digit number that is associated with that specific 2 digit number. Can this be done?

cindy chesney

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All with custom JavaScripts.

Pop-up calendars are fairly complex as the calendar dates for each month should match the actual dates for that month and the number of days for a given month range from 28 to 31. You also have to allow for date validation. Fortunately there is a free add-on tool that can perform this date picker for the first date field but you will have to add the button and modify the script for the other date fields. Advanced Acroform Toolset .

You will have to custom code the other boxes, but it is possible to set the validation script for the second text field based on the first using the field's setAction method or write a more complex custom validation script in the second field. With either method you should set the rc, return code, for the validation event.

George Kaiser   

Hi Cindy,

Yes you can do both those things. Fo rthe popup calendar you should check out FormRouter's free toolbar for Acrobat that includes a date picker-

This tutorial from the Learning Center here covers how to program list fields and change fields based on a selection in another field-

Hope this helps,


Dimitri Munkirs   

I have downloaded that toolbar and cannot get it to work in Acrobat DC so if you have an i dea how to do that, that would be great. I have contacted Adobe and they do not support javascript. This used to be present in Adobe Forms Central so, it is frustrating that they took that functionality out of there.

Gwen Zarko   


The toolbar is not of Adobe. It is from a 3rd-party vendor. When issues are incountered with 3rd-party features you'll want to discuss them with that software house's customer support.

Be well...

David Austin   

I tried there was no answer. Would you happen to know of another option?

Gwen Zarko   

If it is not working you may have installed the JavaScript file in the wrong directory or folder since the User's application JavaScript folder changes with each new version.

For Windows:




You need to change "JowUser" to your loginID.

You may need to create the "Privileged", "DC", and "2015" folders.

This script is also only for Acrobat DC and not Adobe Reader DC.

As noted FormRouter offers the tool bar and also offers the same pop-up calendar insertion tool. FormRouter's version has August with 30 days and not 31 days, this can be fixed by reviewing the code and for the month/day array changing the entry for the number of days in August from 30 to 31. does not have this coding error.

George Kaiser   

David Dagley   

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