How do you draw a line on an Adobe document

I am filling in a form that has data boxes. When there is no data, I need to place a line across the box. This is done easily in Word, but how does one do it in Acrobat.

Timothy Westinghouse

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Assuming that this line is for visual effects only, the most obvious way to go would be placing that line in the base document. Then oyu add the field and set its background to transparent.

In the Format script of the field, you add the following script:

if (event.value.toString().length > 0) { = color.white ;
} else { = color.transparent ;

And that will take care of the situation. When the field is blank, it is transparent and the line underneath shows. When it has a value, it gets white, and the line underneath is hidden.

BTW, this iexactly the same as for the case where you have writing lines in a multiline field, but when filling out the form on screen, those writing lines are of no use.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

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