How do i deactivate or remove a license in Acrobat 10?

I want to permanently remove a license from a specific PC (HD needs to be replaced) and release the license to use on another PC. Thanks for any advice.

IT ProCureNJ

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Could be a part of a volume license, in which case there is no activation/deactivation.

By Gilad D (try67)

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Gilad D (try67)   

You have to have the capacity to install Acrobat and be connected to the Internet.

Under "Help" there should be an option for "Activation/Deactivation". Use this first before going to the Control Pannel to Add/Remove programs.

George Kaiser   

Thanks, but there is no Help > Deactivate option. I thought maybe there is a different licensing scheme for Acrobat X?

IT ProCureNJ   

Gilad, thanks. I think this is the reason. I wasn't here when this PC was setup.

IT ProCureNJ   

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