How do I fix update failure for update 9.4.7 Adobe Acrobat Pro, error 1625 installation is forbidden?

I am trying to update Adobe Acrobat Pro with update 9.4.7 and I receive the following error message: This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact you system administrator. error: 1625, update failed. I have never had any problems updating Acrobat before. I have Windows Vista on my laptop computer. What would be causing this error message?

William A. Hanshaw

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Follow the steps below

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat as Administrator (use “Run as Administrator” context menu option on the Adobe desktop icon, for example).
  2. Select Help –> Check for Updates
  3. Follow the instructions: the update should succeed now

You can download and install latest 9.5.0 patch from the following link:

Hope it helps!!

By Rohit Anand   

Are you logged in as administrator?

Max Wyss   


William A. Hanshaw   

Yes, this worked. Thank you for your assistance in solving this problem.

William A. Hanshaw   

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