How do I delete text that I typed on a form?

I am filling out a form and have typed information I now want to delete. Sometimes if I double click the typed information a light blue highlight appears, but this time I can't get that to happen. Is there a secret to this?

John Giuliano

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The blue highlight is used to identify fillable form fields. When you open the form there should be a purple bar that shows up and if you click the Highlight Existing Fields button that will toggle that blue on and off.

You should be able to delete the information in the form with no problems as all it takes is a single click to activate the particular field and simply delete the text.

By Michael Anderson   

The blue highlight is essentially the text selection color as provided by the operating system (depending on your settings it may be something else).

There are some possibilities which may have happened in your form:

• the field got turned read-only (in that case, you won't be able to access the field without development tools (such as Acrobat). In this case, tabbing into the field won't work either.

• the field has some weird background color which cancels out the text selection

• the field has some code in it which prevent double-clicking to make a selection

In any case, things you can try instead of double-clicking:

• see if you can bring the text cursor (the I-beam) in the field and edit its contents.

• tab into the field and see if it selects the whole content or not, and whether you can edit

• triple-click (may help, maybe)

• click into the field and then press <Ctrl><A> (or <Cmd><A> on Mac) to select everything.

BTW, according to the description, this has nothing to do with the field highlight color (in fact, if you have it switched on, the color will disappear when you set the focus to a field, and by factory default, this is a light blue).

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

What you're doing is adding text using the typewriter tool, which adds a type of comment. To delete it, you can display the list of comments in the file and delete it from there or select it directly and delete it.

George Johnson   

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