How do I change a field type when creating a fillable form from an existing pdf?

When I create a fillable from from an existing pdf, Acrobat XI Pro attempts to create fields for me. How do I modify the field type if I don't want to use the type that Acrobat XI Pro selected for me?

Lori Poletti

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As noted, you can't change the field type directly. But if you need to do this regularly, or to a large amount of fields, this script I've developed might help you do it faster and easier: Acrobat -- Convert Form Fields Type


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By Gilad D (try67)   

Open form editing mode
The form editing mode displays the Form task pane. Using the options in the Forms task pane you can add new fields, edit existing fields, and perform other form-related tasks.
--| If you created a new form, it opens in form editing mode by default.
--| For existing forms, choose Tools > Forms > Edit
The form now displays in the form editing mode, and the Forms task pane is opened.
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David Austin   

You cannot change the type of an existing field. You have to delete the one you don't want and create a new one that is the type you want.

George Johnson   

Why on earth doesn't Adobe add this back as an option.

Instead we have to pay more for a 'fix' than the actual xxxx program.

Dean Russell   

I agree with Dean Russell. Add it back Adobe, this is ridiculous!

Zhenya Delate   

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