How to create a new layer on top of existing PDFs?

Here's my need:
I would like to add a layer to existing diagrams (PDF format), where i can comment and draw additional mark up lines etc.

In case of an updated diagram (PDF), i would like reuse my own created layer. I.e. import the new pdf as a layer behind my own layer, or transfer my own layer to the new PDF.

Any solutions to this??

Jesper Strands

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Have you looked at adding watermarks and backgrounds? It sounds like this is what you need. However, markups are added to the PDF page, not the layer. A layer in PDF is just a visual device, for tying a group of content together. But you can import and export markups.

Thom Parker
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I accidentally reported your answer, sorry:-)
(And thanks a lot for the answer, just what i needed).

Jesper Strands   

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