How to change the page size?

I have the standard version of Adobe Acrobat X and need to resize the pages of a document but cannot find the way. Is there a way??


Anthony Powell

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With acrobat standard, i think the only way is to print to a new page size with acrobats PDF printer. With acrobat pro, you can set the print margins and page size but even that is limited as it doesn't give you a built in option to shrink or enlarge the PDF proportionally.

What exactly do you want to do? Are you just trying to make the page size bigger or scale the entire PDF?

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

I am trying to upload a manuscript to a publisher that accepts pdf. The original document is formatted at 4.25" x 6.875". To copy the document to a pdf, I have to print it to Adobe. I have set the page size accordingly but when I print the document to Adobe, it seems to receive it in a 8.5" x 11" page size. Tony

Anthony Powell   

"Print to Adobe" ?

Do you have Acrobat installed? Is the file format of the authoring file supported by Acrobat's PDFMaker?


What OS is in use?

The answers to these bear on what might or might not be doable.

Regardless, the page size you mentioned is "custom" - it'd not be one of the out-of-the-box page sizes associated with Acrobat.

I'd create it for the Adobe PDF virtual printer.
Then output the authoring file to PDF.

Be well...

David Austin   

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