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How do you change the location of the arrow leader from a text callout?

When using the text callout tool, you click the location for the arrow leader to start and then drag the cursor to the text box location and type your note. If you wish to move the the entire note you can simply drag & drop. If you wish to move the direction or end point of the arrow, same thing. However, I cannot find a way to change the location of the leader where it meets the note once it's created. There are several "grips" visible when the callout is active. What are they there for if not for this purpose?

Stephen Ladd 683 days ago

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Hi Stephen,

I'm not sure if I understand your question right, but you can drag the callout text box in a 360 degree rotation around the arrow line- so the line is on the left, right, etc side of the callout text box. Is that what you want? Or do you want to put the symbol at the end of the line on the opposite end ( abutting the text box)? I don't think you can do that but you could use the Arrow tool for that if necessary.

Hope this helps,


WindJack Solutions

Dimitri Munkirs answered 682 days ago  |   Comments (0)  |  New Comment


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