How to change document restrictions, so users can digitally sign using Adobe Reader?

I've created a form in Adobe Acrobat X. The document includes a digital signature. Under the Security tab it is set so users are able to digitally sign the document.

However, when I open the document using Adobe Reader, it does not allow for digital signatures. It says that the security is set agains this.

What restrictions should I be changing so that users can digitally sign the form when using Adobe Reader?

Carly Hughes

2 Answers

In order for them to sign your document and fill in a form in Adobe reader, you need to save the PDF as a reader enabled PDF. To do this, Save as – Reader Extendd PDF – Enable Additional Faetures

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   


Here is a summary for deploying forms for Acrobat and Reader. It talks about LiveCycle Designer forms, but the basic principles apply for forms created in Acrobat.

The form will need to be Reader Enabled in either Acrobat (Option 3 in the summary) or LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES3 (Option 4 in summary).

Hope that helps,


Niall ODonovan   

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