How call Adobe Reader inside an application and avoid operator to open/save and do anything except see the doc

In a Application running on an Automation PC under Windows O.S., let operator to navigate the PDF document open, preventing any interaction with file system (open/save PDF files.. mainly).
How can be implemented using "command line" parameters?

Roberto Romano'

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You can use the IAC to do this. Look up the AVDoc.OpenInWindowEx function and one for the browser. Use this function to display a PDF window in a VB application. You can display it without any toolbars or menus, but you can't keep the user from displaying them if they know how, since this is the standard Reader/Acrobat UI.

Thom Parker
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fwiw —
"command line" parameters

These are all but non-existent for Adobe Reader / Acrobat.

You may want to ask at the Acrobat SDK Forum.

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