I have a 9 page interactive PDF generated from an IDD print file, with only basic hyperlinks to external sites and buttons to navigate between pages (similar to a Web site) plus a simple response form at the end.

My client is sending it as a placed file in the body of their Constant Contact newsletter. We do single page versions all the time, but this multiple page one prompts recipients with a dialogue box requiring permission to "automatically OPEN in FULL SCREEN" citing possibility of malicious code...which heavily deters participation

is there a way around it? i've scoured the user forums, but no luck.

Jeffrey Landis

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I hope not. Some users will not be able to get out of the app or get back to regular mode if the app opens the file in full screen mode. The setting that allows you to do what you want is a preference on the user's computer. You should not be able to overide the user's setting.

By Michael Kazlow   

At this point in history computer insecurity is a fact of life, and Adobe is paranoid.

How about not setting the PDF to open in full screen mode?

Thom Parker   

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