How to Make an Business card and PDF Letterhead That is not a "read only" file.

I am trying to make a Business card for a client who wants to have the ability to cahnge the names and phone numbers at his convience. A Template file that is editable. Also, I designed my client a Letterhead PDF with his loge and contact information, however he is unable to use typewriter tool on form to send out letters etc? The original file is done in illustrator PDF. How do I make this a read and write file?

pamela barnes

2 Answers

You can use form fields. Text fields for the text and buttons for the images, but the latter will only work if the users have Acrobat, or if you create the entire form in LiveCycle.

Gilad D (try67)   

Comment tools allows images to be be added in a (Reader-Extended) PDF when using an Acro-form with Reader.

JR Boulay   

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