How do I update AcroStan.msi from 11.0.00 to 11.0.01? I keep getting errors like "the zul.ilex cannot be installed


I've tried over and over like msiexec /a Acrostan.msi /p Acrostan.msp and when trying Msiexec /I I get an error like:
"the zul.ilex cannot be installed" and something

about the file does contain that file.

I have downloaded the AcrobatStd_11_Web_WWMUI.exe file and run it and let it unpack to a subfolder called 11.0.00.

Then I could

enter information in the ABCPY.ini file and use the Adobe Customization Wizard 11 to create a mst file.

Next up was create a GPO to install the WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-

x86.exe and a GPO to run after that one to install Acrostan.msi with Acrostan.mst. And after a few shutdowns and starts the application is installed. All is well so far.


when I copy the 11.0.00 folder to a 11.0.01 folder and save the AcrobatUpd11001.msp to the folder beneath the 11.0.01 folder containing the Acrostan.msi folder (11.0.01\Adobe

Acrobat XI) and run Msiexec /a Acrostan.msi /p Acrostan.msp then no matter whether I choose a different folder to place the files or not I cannot install the AcroStan.msi

file. And the AcroStan.msi shows as 11.0.01 on the first screen so it must be updated.

I don't get it at all.

Please help.

Best Regards
Peter Rasch Lageri

Peter Rasch Lageri

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I eventually figured this out in case you're still having this problem.

When you run "msiexec -a acropro.msi -p AcrobatUpd11001.msp" all at once, msiexec's default behaviour is to reuse the original folder. This has never been an issue before, but I guess with Acrobat 11 it is.

Step 1:
msiexec -a acropro.msi
when the pop-up asks you where to save the package, select a different folder than the one holding the plain 11.0.0 package.

The resulting package doesn't contain at all!

Step 2:
apply patches to the new folder using msiexec -a acropro.msi -p
(it's ok to save to the same folder this time around)

Step 3:
repeate step 2 for any additional patches.

The file zul.ilex, and all the other .ilex simply do not exist when you run the initial -a together with a -p, but when you create the admin point using -a independently of applying a patch, all the .ilex files are extracted and do exist.

By Assaf Rahav   

I'm getting the same exact error about zul.ilex missing from once I slipstream updates 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 into the base 11.0.0 application (both Pro and Standard).

I'm working with the volume license digital download version if it matters to anyone.

Assaf Rahav   

SUPER Assaf! Outstanding!!!

Thank you for saving my sanity. I can update the packages following your instructions and I have managed to update the GPO accordingly AND a direct MSIEXEC /I works.

Peter Rasch Lageri   

Hmmm. Unfortunately this does not make the package installable via GPO..........

I can through a command prompt and MSIEXEC /I but not GPO unless I install only 11.0.00 and let it update it self after that.

Best Regards

Peter Rasch Lageri

Peter Rasch Lageri   

Scratch my last message. It (and patience) works.

Thank you. Case closed.

Best Regards

Peter Rasch Lageri

Peter Rasch Lageri   

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