How can I successfully install Adobe Reader even if Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional is already (it seems) installed o

Adobe Reader successfully completes download BUT installation always stops at 41%, and "Finish" button is the only next option available. Same result even after disablng both my firewall and antivirus.

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, et al is in the Start menu > Adobe Design Premium CS3 submenu of my P4 desktop internal hdd. ...was never able to launch Acrobat because the Adobe Acrobat installation disc is unavailable.

"Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional cannot be launched at this time. You must launch at least one other suite component (such as Adobe Photoshop) before launching Acrobat 8 Professional" notification box always prompts up when I try to open pdf files.

Please help figure out effective solutions so that I am able to view/edit pdf files and sites requiring pdf readers.

Thank you for taking time to read this. More power.

Jap Burac

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Please launch Photoshop before launching Acrobat 8 Professional or viewing any pdf. This is a one time process which creates the licensing files. Once done, you can now launch Acrobat and view pdfs.

Regarding the installation failure for Reader, where are installing Reader from? Are you installing it from Adobe website ( or from downloaded msi?

Rohit Anand   

Thanks you for your reply!!
You can download and install Reader from the following link:
Regarding CS3 Acrobat, try launching the other CS applications installed on your machine before launching Acrobat.

Rohit Anand   

Adobe has warned against installing Acrobat and Reader on the same machine for all versions prior to version X. Version X will allow both products to be installed on the same computer.

Adobe has warned against installing mixed versions of the same product. This has not changed with version X.

You might be able to accomplish this, but be prepared for some unexpected actions. The most common is whether the web browser plug-in for PDFs is the Reader version or the Acrobat version. The Acrobat version allows additional actions not available to Reader.

George Kaiser   

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