How do I sign a document in EchoSign?

I have three questions.
1. How does the signature function work do I need a tablet to actually sign my name or do I just type it in and pick a font?

2. Once my signature is stored in Echo Sign is it just a mater of clicking on the electronic signature function and the document is signed?

3. I have multiple documents that require four peoples signature. Could you you set Echo Sign up so that we assign one line to each signer and once they click their signature it appears in all the documents.

joel cohn

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Thanks for your questions.
1) We have multiple ways for a user to sign a document. The simplest way is to type your name and EchoSign generates a signature from your name. Another option is to draw your signature using a mouse or finger (from a touch device). The third option is to upload an image of your signature to EchoSign and use it to sign documents. To sign a document all you need is a web browser (you don't need a tablet but the service also works on a tablet).

2) Yes once you create a signature in EchoSign you can sign a document by simply clicking on the electronic signature field.

3) Yes, through the EchoSign UI we have the ability to create signature fields on the document and assign it to specific users.

Let us know if you have additional questions.

EchoSign Product Manager

By mangesh bhandarkar   

Thank you for your response. Can I talk to you directly about this product ie over the phone?
If not you can I talk to sales person?

joel cohn   

Joel, have you tried the "chat"?



David Austin   

Hi Joel,

You can contact the sales team at


mangesh bhandarkar   

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