How do I select multiple form fields in the Fields navigation panel when editing a PDF form?

When I edit a form, is there a fast way to select multiple fields in Acrobat XI?

Patty Friesen

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The Fields navigation panel in Acrobat is used to quickly access form fields when editing a PDF form. It can be used to select and set the tab order for your form fields. Unfortunately earlier versions of Acrobat, never allowed you to select multiple fields in the panel when setting the tab order. Using Acrobat XI, you can now drag and dropany combination of fields (contiguous or non-contiguous) in the Fields navigation panel to manually set the tab order. This makes setting the taborder of your form fields much faster.

By Lori Kassuba   

Hold down Ctrl when clicking the fields and they'll be added to the selection.
To select a group, click the first one and then Shift+Click the last one in the desired group.

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Gilad D (try67)   

Regarding the tab order, be sure to disable the automatic reordering of the tab order with the following user preference: Edit > Preferences > Forms > Automatically adjust tab order when modifying fields [deselect]

Disabling this prevents the tab order from getting screwed up when moving fields around, and has the side-effect of speeding things up since it doesn't have to constantly reset the tab order as fields are manipulated.

George Johnson   

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