How do I scan from my Epson Workforce 845 printer

I work from a Mac OS 10.7.2 and have recently purchased an Epson Workforce 845 printer. Everything is working fine except my ability to SCAN into Adobe. When I open Adobe to scan, it doesn't allow me to choose the Epson. Specifically, when I open Adobe and go to "FILE", then "create pdf from scanner" and go to the scanner selection window, it brings up the previous printers, but not the Epson. The Epson is connected wirelessly to the Mac and, as I mentioned, is working perfectly except in this one task. Any suggestions?

yorai benzeevi

1 Answer

As an alternative, use the scanner to output a TIFF to your HDD.
Then use Acrobat to create a PDF from that TIFF.

David Austin   

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