How do I save Custom Stamps when Upgrading?

I have created several Custom Stamps. When upgrading from 8 to 9 and 9 to 10, after upgrade, Custom Stamps had to be created anew. Am prepapring to install XI upgrade. How can I assure that the Custom Stamps are still in my program after Upgrade? Are the Custom Stamps in a file of their own? If so, can it merely be copies? Is there some sort of an Import procedure that you must do?

Philip F Lanzafame

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User created stamps (which a custom stamp would be) are saved to specific location.
An example for a Windows Vista / Acrobat 9 install:
--| <user name>/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Acrobat/9.0/Stamps
A similar situation exists for Acrobat version prior to 9 and for tne new versions (X, XI).
When the custom stamp is created it is given an alphanumeric file name.
(e.g., yPucSpyIl5NeV48TCX4IPD.pdf)
You can rename to something more user friendly.
As you create your custom stamps you could copy them to a backup location.
When changing to a new version of Acrobat you could copy the backups to the new installs "stamp" folder.
As you make use of custom stamps I recommend Thom Parker's book "All About Stamps in Acrobat and Paperless Workflows".

I've found it to be exceptionally informative (and an enjoyable read).
Be well...

By David Austin   

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