How do I get rid of the pane with sign in, export pdf, create pdf, send files and store files in Adobe Reader XI?

On the right side of the screen, Adobe Reader XI has a pane that I can't close or minimize. The pane has the following items:
Sign In
Export PDF
Create PDF
Send Files
Store Files
I don't ever intend to do any of these things, and it's very annoying that I can't get rid of this pane.
I have to zoom to 140% to be able to read documents, and this pane overlays part of the right side of the document.

Vicki Wojcik

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This is the "Tools" Pane. When you click on the "Tools" button right above it, it should get hidden. You should also see a "Sign" and "Comment" button and potentially an "Extended" button. These buttons allow you to show and hide these panes.

Karl Heinz Kremer
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