How can I remove marks from a PDF to print?

File was originally created in InDesign, but we have only received the pdf, is there a way to remove all the marks???

Fiorella Hodgman

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Are the marks trim marks to guide the printer to trim the printed pages?

Is so you should be able to set the crop to remove these marks.

Include marks and bleeds version 9
Acrobat / Advanced PDF print settings version X & XI

By George Kaiser   

If the marks are in their own layer, you can just turn off that layer, and the marks should be gone. Use View>Show/Hide>Navgation Panes>Layers to show the layers pane.

If the marks are outside of the box that describes the page content, you can just set to crop box to e.g. the art box, and that will remove the marks. You can do this in Tools>Print Production>Set Page Boxes for this.

If that does not work, you can use content edit to remove them. This is the most involved solution: Use Tools>Content Editing>Edit Text and Images, then draw a rectangle around the a group of elements that you want to remove and hit the delete key.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

Thank you so much!!!! :D

Fiorella Hodgman   

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