How do I remove the Acrobat Pro DC startup/recent files page

Although we use Acrobat Pro extensively in our organization, we do not use any Adobe Cloud features. When Acrobat Pro DC came out, we upgraded. However, we are presented with a page displaying Recent PDF files that only clutters our Desktop. I have looked all though the Acrobat Preferences and can't find a setting to turn this page off. How can I stop this page from appearing at startup? Rob

Rob Stokes

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So frustrating.
If I could close the window ONCE and have it stay gone, this wouldn't be a problem. But it reopens every time I go to Acrobat after having been in another application - even when I haven't quit Acrobat.
I don't care about clearing the history. I want to get rid of this stupid window. And now I've spend an hour trying to solve a problem that's not solvable. Productivity fail.
Just what I need - more windows open on my desktop.
Thanks, Adobe.

By Jean Lait   

You can't. That's the new "home screen" that is displayed when no document is open in Acrobat. You may want to file an enhancement request:

Karl Heinz Kremer   

As already said, you can't.

You can close it, and it stays so until you display the history.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

At the bottom of the page near the left side. There is an option to Clear Recent Files in blue. Once you click on it, all recent files are removed. I just discovered it.

Jill Sanders   

With no document open you can go to Edit > Preferences > Documents, there you will find "Documents in recently used list" with a field next to it. If you set the number to "0" there, there will be no more recent documents in the list.

Zita Major   

Adobe, please fix this ASAP. Allow this startup screen to be turned off.

Brian McCue   

No answer, just also frustrated with unecessary open window! Adobe please fix!!!!

Nelson Then   

You have to change a preference. See attached screen shot. At the bottom of the Documents Preferences window, change "Documents in recently used list:" to zero.

M Chic   

I changed to open all PDF documents with MAC OS Preview, if I need to do anything specific using Pro, I'll open with it, otherwise, Adobe can keep their arrogant lack of options with their new pro. They should allow this as an option, I just need to open, via and maybe print the PDF docs, why do we need to have the page of recent docs to stay open and block your desktop view. Now you have an extra step to close it and move on.
I don’t know who’s writing these softwares anymore, it seems they all have terrible features and less user control. They should allow the user to have control over their software functions.

Ray Casey   

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