How do I reduce a pdf file size from 300 KB to 100 KB

How do I reduce a pdf file size from 300 KB to 100 KB

Jan Warren

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Hi Jan,

While it is not really possible to reduce the file size to an exact 100KB, you can try a couple things. First try to do Save-As (not just Save) as that will reduce any redundant info in the file from previous edits/changes. If that does not decrease the size enough you can look at Audit Space Usage in the PDF Optimizer tool ( File-Save As-Optimized PDF). The audit tool will tell you wehre most of the space is used ( graphics, fonts etc) then you can make decisions on what to get rid of to make the file smaller.

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By Dimitri Munkirs   

If what Dimitri suggested is working for you, chances are you have Acrobat Pro - the audit tool is only available in Pro, which is also true for the Save as Optimized PDF function. If you have Acrobat Standard, your only way of decreasing the file size is by selecting Save As Other>Reduced Size PDF, which does not give you any options, it will just use it's built-in configuration. You will end up e.g. with downsampled images, but you don't have any control over how much or how little image quality you will have to give up.

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Karl Heinz Kremer   

Is this for an email limitation for attachments?

If it is and the above do not achieve the needed reduced size, then look at a free file sharing service like to send a link to the larger file or split the PDF into parts and email each part.

George Kaiser   

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