How can I get a .pdf to upload as my only web site resource. I want the .pdf to be the site.

Old Man Needs Help! Old and a tech dummy to boot. I have a couple of original books that I need to put online in .pdf format, for page numbering, that 'book look,' etc. I have uploaded the MS Word versions, but they look pretty raw for books and without page numbers and navigation. I created the books in MS Word and they convert perfectly to .pdf using Acrobat X Pro. My Server Support tells me: "We are going to be unable to assist with this issue as we do not provide scripting support. You will need to do further research on how to embed a PDF file into a web page using a search engine or community forum and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause." Well, that's nice, but I do not know where or how to begin. Could someone humor me with a clue? If I have it in writing, I will not need my non-existent memory. Thanks much.

Thomas Alford

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Just my suggestion but I'd keep it simple.
Make a simple HTML file that is your "home" web page.
Place a web link to the PDF which you've uploaded to your web site.
A visitor reads a "intro" that you have on the web page and either clicks the link to the PDF to view it within their browser or downloads the PDF for viewing.

David Austin   

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