How do I get a pdf file to automatically open with the bookmarks showing?

I would like to be able to save my pdf file with the bookmarks down the left side so that when it opens, it still appears. It is being sent out to VP's and there are multiple pages.

Jeannette Lipskie

2 Answers

While a PDF's "Initial View" cannot be set with Adobe Reader it can be set using Acrobat XI Pro.
For a single PDF - Open the PDF with Acrobat. Open the PDF's document properties (Ctrl+D or Cmd+D).
Select the "Initial View" tab.
Under this tab there is an entry "Navigation tab" which has a drop-down menu. On the menu you will observe several choices.
--| Page Only
--| Bookmark Panel and Page
--| Pages Panel and Page
--| Attachments Panel and Page
--| Layers Panel and Page
When there are many PDFs for which you want to set the Initial View you can create an Action with Acrobat XI Pro. The Action can be used to process many PDFs in one go.
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David Austin   

Acrobat Standard can also set the Initial View for PDFs and many converters also allow one to specify the initial view settings.

Debune PDF Tools also allows one to set the Initial View property through Windows File Explorer and you do not need Acrobat or other full PDF creating program.

George Kaiser   

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