How can I get multiple signatures on a single pdf (5-10) signature, used for documents' approvals!

I need to have multiple signatures for document workflow, a from with one issuer and 5-10 superiors to approve a document.
Any solution.

Mohammad Hammoodi

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This is easy to do using the EchoSign service. You can even do it if two people share the same email address.
Here is a quick tip on how to do this.

By Lori Kassuba   

One possibility is to use EchoSign.

David Austin   

Carefully control which fields are locked with each signature.

You need to understand that each new signature will cause the previous signatures to indicate the document has changed with the new signature.

George Kaiser   

If you plan using it as a tracker or a common form where signs are to be finished before it proceeds somewhere, it may not work. Signatures become irrelevant when teh file is edited until the next signature.

Echo sign should work and they specialize with these.

Jireh Manzano   

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