How can I make sure the signatures on my document were really created by the person who said they created them?

I have Adobe Acrobat X and am using Live Cylce Designer to create a form. We want employees to be able to sign using digital signatures but we need them to be legally binding. I notice that I can create a digital signature for my boss for instance and sign the form using that digital signature and I can verify it even though my boss didn't actually create it. How do I verify that the person who signed the form is the creator of the digital signature? We want to prevent people from signing for their managers.

Karen Plaatjes

1 Answer

You need to decide which certificates you can trust. For example, you can provide a document with a digitial signature field and hae them sign it and return it to you. You can trust that signature if they hand the document to you on a flash drive, send it by email and then call you on the phone to confirm it was them who sent it, etc. Only if you have this type of confirmation do you choose to trust it and and it to your list of trusted identities. If you receive a document with a signature that's not in your list of trusted identities, you choose not to trust it until you can otherwise verify its validity.

George Johnson   

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