How do I make the Print larger

I have a PDF File of a 10 page Manual. I can't get the printing large enough to read. I went as far as 400 Percent and it's the same as 100 Percent.

Phil Fitzgerald

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In the Print dialog (File > Print) you can select several options for the page scaling such as "Fit to printable area".
This option will autoatically fit the zoom factor to the selected paper size.

You also can change the paper size there with the "Paper setup..." button.
This maybe useful if the PDF has a lot of whitespace (white borders) around the printable information.
If the PDF size is A4 but the information is only in a A5 large area on the page surrounded by white borders, then you can choose A3 to get a zoom of about 195-200% which is why the printout on an A4 paper will be without the white borders.
In short, you can make the zoom larger than the paper really is to get rid of the white borders.

By Marcus Radzuweit   

One other thing you can try, if your printer doesn't support larger paper sizes, is to use the zoom command or snapshot tool to increase the size of the text before you print. It only works on a portion of your page but it makes reading much easier. To do this use the zoom tool to increase the magnification on a given area of the document. Next, bring up the Print dialog and select "Current view" under the Print Range section. The thumbnail on the right will then display what portion of the page will print on your paper.

Here is a link to a quick tip tutorial that also explains how to do this:

Lori Kassuba   

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