How do I insert page number in adobe reader x?

How do I insert page number in adobe reader x;
one answer said: - in tools pane -to the right -go to Page panel - i do not have:
there is no Pages panel, under Edit Page Design select "Header and Footer"
are you in UNPAID adobe reader x? help?

debra menaker

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Hi Debra,

This feature is not available in the free Adobe Reader.

Hope this helps,

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By Dimitri Munkirs   

Adobe Reader X (or any version) is only used to view pdf files
You cannot edit pdf files using Adobe Reader
so you cannot insert pages using Adobe reader software
You need Acrobat X ----

--- Tausif Ahmad

tausif ahmad   

You can download the trial version of Acrobat from the following link:
Download Free trial of Acrobat X Pro

Rohit Anand   

New tool now available that can add page numbers, even in Reader: Acrobat/Reader -- Advanced Add Header/Footer Text


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