How can I get my form to auto tab to the next field in Acrobat X?

How can I get my form to auto tab to the next field instead of having to tab after each entry? For example; I have a seven digit number I have to enter into a box (one number per box). As of right now, I have to enter a number, hit tab, enter a number, hit tab, etc.

I have seen a couple responses to similar questions, but they always seem to be for another Adobe program. I am completely oblivious to JavaScript and everything I have tried to this point has failed. Does anyone have the patience to walk me through this process step by step?

Ray McClellan

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If the seven characters of that field are equally spaced, you won't need seven individual fields and autotab. Instead of that, create a text field over the full length of the area, and then set it to be a comb field consisting of 7 characters. You do that in the Options tab of the field properties.

Hope this can help.

By Max Wyss   

You'll need to remove the check marks for Scroll Long Text and Check
Spelling to enable the Comb field.

Lori Kassuba   

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