How can I flatten images and clip art into the background and then create editable form fields on top?


On a Mac,I am trying to turn a pre-existing Power Point file into an editable document where all of the images and clip art are flattened (cannot be lifted) then add editable text on top (I would like the pre-existing text to be editable). Is this possible? Also, can a form field be rotated? I have tried exporting the images on my PP file as a jpeg/ png then exporting them into Acrobat DC but they print out blurry (due to PP I guess). I would like to create a document with a clear flattened background with editable text. Is this possible?

Tammy Dixon

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When you say "flatten", do you mean to combine all these elements into one image? You can do that in Acrobat (File>Export To>Image>...). If you then import this image back into Acrobat, you will have an image-only PDF file. This can still be "lifted", so that may not be the right approach.

In general, where there is enough criminal energy, you cannot prevent somebody from taking elements out of your PDF file and repurposing them. You can just make it harder. I would use the approach of protecting the PDF file from content extraction via security settings. You can still add form fields on top of such a protected file, and have them be editable. But again, if somebody wants to break into such a file, it's not impossible (and after spending some time with Google, you will probably find out that it's fairly easy).

And yes, form fields can be rotated. Just bring up the field's properties, go to the "General" tab and change the rotation:

Rotate form field

Karl Heinz Kremer
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By Karl Heinz Kremer   

Thank you so much for the information. You mentioned that I can still protect my background using the security settings and then add my editable fields on top. Can you tell how I should set my security? Do I set my security, save and then just add form fields? I would like to include editable content within my form fields.

Tammy Dixon   

You finish your document (with all form fields), and then you apply the security settings. When protecting the document, you select to allow form filling (and whatever else you want users to do after the document is "locked"). Just make sure that you prevent document assembly and content extraction. This should keep your background protected. Again, it's fairly easy to break into such a file, but so is breaking into your house, even after you lock it... It all depends on how much criminal energy somebody has.

Karl Heinz Kremer   

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