How do I fix the acrobat distiller error message 183: Can not create a file when that file already exists. win 7

This message shows up every time I boot up.

Burton Bruning

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Do you get any information about not being able to create a temporary folder with this error? Which version of Acrobat are you running?

The first thing I would try is to repair Acrobat - you can find this function in Acrobat's Help menu. If that does not help (and you are not running Acrobat DC), then you may want to consider uninstalling and re-installing after running Adobe's "Cleaner" application (which you can download from here:

Keep in mind that the "Cleaner" will remove anything that you've custom installed with Acrobat (e.g. plug-ins, scripts, stamps, Actions, ...). Also, make sure that you deregister the application during the uninstall process (that is not necessary anymore for Acrobat XI).

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