How do I extract table ID,scope and span of tables in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro?

I need this information for review purpose. Presently, I'm checking this information manually from tag properties of individual tag. Is there any option to export/import whole report of table tag properties, where we able to view Header scope, ID and associated header id's of data cells.

Santosh Tambade

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In what form do you need to extract it?

One approach might be to install the free pdfGoHTML plug-in (see for Adobe Acrobat Pro, convert your tagged PDF to HTML using pdfGoHTML, and then use the HTML code... (which will have the attributes carried over from them tagged PDF's structure.

One other approach might be to use the free PAC 2 (PDF Accessibility Checker v2; Windows only; see and use its structural view (disclaimer: I have not checked whether you can easily get to those attribute you are interested in).



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