How do I edit an 11 x 17 document down to 8.5 x 11 when there are 200 pages?

Is it possible to reduce the size of each page without opening each page?

The printer who created this document has died and the author needs to print a copy ASAP. My printer will not accept 11 x 17 - and there's no budget to pay the local big-box office supply retailer to do this.

I've found the option that allows me to trim the margins...

Thank you

Richard Kuenneke

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Does the 11x17 page contain two pages side by side, and you now want individual pages?

If not, then you should have no problem setting the print dialog to "scale to fit", and it would automagically scale the 11x17 page to the available printing area of the selected printer.

If it does, and you need to split the pages, the question is whether you have Acrobat (Pro or Standard; but not Reader) installed. If so, you could, for example do this:

• open the document in Acrobat
• select the Crop Tool
• crop all pages so that the left half remains visible
• print
• release the cropping and recrop, so that the right half remains visible
• print
• release the cropping
• manually assemble your document by taking a page from the second print job, then a page from the first print job and so on.

I think that would be the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Hope this can help.

By Max Wyss   

When you print PDF's through Acrobat or Reader you can simply shrink the output format with the Page Scaling setting in the print dialog.
So it is no problem if your printer doesn't support the Ledger format.
The app will zoom in/out the document to fit the selected paper size in your printer.


Marcus Radzuweit   

Thank you for your answers. I've got one document that is 11 x 17 where adjusting the print size worked. Yes, I have Acrobat Pro. I understand the crop tool - but I need to apply the crop to all 200 pages - that's what I'm asking. The document is a "TWO-UP". How can I make the crop on ALL pages at once? Or do I need to crop each page as I print?

Richard Kuenneke   

I got it! I found the dialog feature that asks if I want to apply the crop to ALL PAGES.

Thank you!

Richard Kuenneke   

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