How do I easily convert an HTML web page into an X1a-compliant PDF. Compliance not going well with Acrobat Pro.

To convert a web page to PDF/X1a, I am choosing Create PDF from web page in Acrobat Pro 8 and using Preflight to convert to X1a (SWOP). Numerous compliance issues arise including images remaining in RGB, metadata problems, OutputIntent, GTS_PDFXVersion, GTSConformanceLevel, etc.

There must be an easier way..... Right? :)

Charles Updike

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I cant exactly remember how Acrobat 8 works but it sounds like you could just be pressing analyze and not analyze and fix. The reason why I say this as running the convert to PDF/X1a converts and corrects most of those issues mentioned.

I dont think tho you will get true compliant file tho as for starters images from the web would only be 72dpi and you may or may not encounter problems with fonts?

Hope this helps?

Sean Mitchell   

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