How can I disable the ability for a user to save a copy of a PDF? The file may be online or a network drive

We have some PDF files that need to be provided out to users but we do not want the users to be able to save a copy of the PDF file. We have found in the security how to prevent printing and copying the contents but nothing that would prevent a user from saving a copy. We do currently have Adobe Pro and didn't know if it is possible in there or if it would require additional Adobe product.

Todd Grzegorczyk

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You can add security but it can not prevent saving the PDF.

In fact there are very few ways to prevent any file on a system from being saved. The ability to save a file at another location is a basic requirement for backing up a system.

Further, PDFs are downloaded to your local unit before viewing. So there is at least a temporary file created on your local system.

But there are other ways to control the distribution of the PDF. You can create a security policy, only allow trusted personnel to have access to the PDF by password or a digital certificate, and you can get a LiveCycle Policy Server to define authorized viewers and other restrictions. The LiveCycle Policy Server also maintains an audit trail for the policies, documents and users.

LiveCycle Rights Management ES2 page has more information.

By George Kaiser   

I too have the same question.I want to prevent my PDF from saving and printing.I have created the PDF through using iTextsharp, and it is displaying in network (url removed). Suggest some way.

kiruba vathi   

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