How do I deslect the "Hight Text" /"Sticky Note" function to return cursor normal selection mode? [V10.1.1]

When I select the "Hight Text" /"Sticky Note" I don't seem to be able to deselect it so the cursor returns to normal selection mode. The menu item is ticked, and I am able to select one or the other editing functions. Logic would suggest that selecting the ticked menu item will deselect it, but that doesn't work.

The only workaround I can manage is to save the document, close and reopen it.


Rob CC

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Try the Esc key.

By George Johnson   

I assume you are talking about Adobe Reader, and not about Acrobat.

It is indeed a sign of poor default toolbar configuration that your only choice is to save, close and reopen your document. I'd have more to say about the Acrobat X user interface, but that would be in the category "serious rant"… and not help you much…

There are two steps you can do.

a) When you are in the situation, you use the menu

View --> Show/Hide --> Toolbar Items --> Select&Zoom --> Hand Tool

to display the Hand Tool. When you are finished adding comments, click on that, and you are back to normal. You may also repeat the above step again, but with the Select Tool as well.

b) In the Peferences, category "General", check "Using single key accelerators to access tools". This will allow you to press a single key on your keyboard to quickly switch between tools. H would be the Hand tool, S would be the Sticky note tool, U would be the Highlight tool, etc. You will see which key is for which tool by letting the tooltips show for the individual tools.

In order to make this preference "stick", close and reopen Reader.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

Yes, it is the Reader that i was referring to, and thank you both for your responses, you've made my life easier. :-)


At the risk of divreting the thread (the question has been appropriately resolved) and while talking about the Reader, I must add a comment that I dislike the large buttons prompting me to go to a paid service (eg. convert a pdf to a Word document). I've got no problems with them including this (they are entitled to make some money), but I don't like the way this dominates the toolbar, and that the menu items are not upfront about it being an additional charged "feature", and not part of the program's normal operation. Adobe has lost some integrity in my eyes about this.

Rob CC   

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