How can I delete a signature box once I've cleared a signature?

Sean ~

Yes, we discoverd that only the signer can "clear" their signature. However, they don't seem to be able to "delete" their signature field.

The Tools - Content - Select Object is not available for selection.

How can we (or the user) delete the signature box, once THEY have cleared their signature?

Thanks! Karyn

Karyn Dawes

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When you say its not available, do you mean you cant see it, is it greyed out or hidden. What version of Acrobat, 9/X/Pro/Standard are you running. The method i explained was with Acrobat X. You are also not permitted to do this in Adobe Reader.
If you are running Acrobat 9 or under, this is 2 ways you can do it
View – Toolbars – Advanced editing. Then select the Select Object tool, you should then see a black keyline appear around the signature, you can then select it and delete it. Or alternatively, go Forms – Add or Edit fields, you can then select it and delete it. If in Acrobat X, you could go Tools – Forms – Edit to delete it.

Hope this helps?

By Sean Mitchell   

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