How do I delete the layers in the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro?

I have created a PDF with multiple layers for various options that come along as per the information flow of document. But once created, I am not able to delete\remove the individual layer I do not want in the PDF as there are some modicifications. I have to recreate the entire file to get it right. Is there a better way around?

aniket k

2 Answers

I have not verified it, but there are about three possibilities to follow:

• flattening the document (using the flattenPages() JavaScript method)

• using PDFOptimizer

• applying an according Preflight profile

With the Preflight profiles, making the file PDF/A compatible should definitely get rid of the layers (but may have other implications later on, such as Acrobat not allowing modifications, unless you change some preferences).

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss.

Max Wyss   

Why not using the Layers Navigation pane?
It's more simple and more user-friendly:


JR Boulay   

Please specify a reason: