How can I cut and paste text from a PDF file?

Is there an easy way to cut and paste content from an existing PDF file?

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The easy answer to this is to use Select tool, which is the I beam and arrow command in the toolbar. Select the text, click the Edit menu and use the Copy command. This will then place the selected text on the system clipboard, which allows it to be pasted in other programs.
Occasionally, you may find it’s not possible to cut and paste. Perhaps the menu is grayed out or you simply cannot select the text on the page. If you cannot copy and paste content from a PDF, be sure to check that the document author has not set restrictions on copying the text. If they have,
you'll see a lock icon on the left hand Navigation pane. And when you click this, you can specifically see if copying text is allowed or disallowed.
If copying content is allowed, then the behavior of the Select tool can also provide hints about the file. For example, if the Select tool isn’t appearing as an I beam when you pass over the text, then the content is just an image. To enable text selection, you can try using the Recognize Text command, under the Tools pane > Recognize Text panel. When you select the In this File command, Acrobat will run an Optical Character Recognition process that will convert the image to selectable text and then this will allow you to copy the text in the document.

By Lori Kassuba   

Use the add or edit text box tool. Then paste in the text from the clipboard.

Lyle Bachman   

Here is a quick tip that explains how to enhance your PDF in Acrobat X Std. or Pro. so that all the text can be used for cut and paste operations.

Lori Kassuba   

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