How do I crop out (copy a part of a pdf page) and paste it in an e-mail or word document?

In a pdf document I want to copy a specific section and insert it in an e-mail or a word document.

Thyge C. D. Hansen

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If it's just text, and the security restrictions don't forbit it, you can simply select it with the Text Selection Tool and then copy it with Ctrl+C.
If you want also other graphic elements, consider extracting that page and sending it, or converting the file to a Word document, where it can be more easily edited.

By Gilad D (try67)   

Also, edit>take a snapshot will let you take an image of the area and paste into other applications.

Abhigyan Modi   

I am using adobe DC and when I crop a section now it crops the whole page. I only want to crop a section of the pdf out. Worked fine in previous versions.

Sara Shirer   

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