How do I crop a PDF using the TrimBox data?

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I have a large PDF file and I use Adobe Acrobat X Pro. The document comes straight from the publisher, so it has its TrimBox and BleedBox defined. The catch is that the cropping dimensions differ from page to page.

Is it possible within Adobe Acrobat X Pro to define a batch operation so that all the pages will be cropped automagically to the correct size (as is defined with the TrimBox settings per page)? I understand how to define a CropBox, but if I use those settings on the whole document (or even a folder filled with documents), all pages will be cropped with the same, fixed dimensions (which is not what we need).

Any ideas?

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This script will set the crop box of each page in a document to be the same as the trim box. You can use it in an Action to apply it to multiple files:

for (var p=0; p<this.numPages; p++) {
this.setPageBoxes("Crop", p, p, this.getPageBox("Trim", p));

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