How can I create form field calculations that divide?

I'm confused about the math functions in Acrobat forms. What's the best way to create form field calculations that divide?

Tony DeYoung

1 Answer

There are several different ways to perform math functions within form fields in Acrobat.
1. To enter the form field edit mode, open the Tools pane > Forms panel and click the Edit menu.
2. My AmountSubtotal field is a predefined calculation. So when you open up the Form Field Properties dialog and select the Calculate tab, you can see the predefined types of calculations. If you want to divide certain types of form fields, you’ll need to either use Simplified Field Notation or JavaScript.
3. To use Simplified Field Notation to perform division, open the Properties dialog of a field, click the Calculate tab, select the Simplified field notation radio button, and select Edit.
4. When you close the Properties dialog and click the Preview button, you can see the automatic calculation of the sales tax.
5. Note: You cannot use hierarchical field names or spaces when using Simplified Field Notation. And be careful because division by zero can result with an answer like NaN - Not a Number or Infinity. You may also want to consider using a custom JavaScript calculation to avoid the Not a Number issue.

Lori Kassuba   

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