How do I create editable form fields?

I want to create a form from an existing PDF file that can be filled out by recipients who may not have Acrobat on their desktop. Is there an easy way to turn this PDF doc into a form that can be filled out by someone who only has Adobe Reader?

Ryan M

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Creating a PDF that allows recipients using the free Adobe Reader to enter data is easy.
1. Open the Tools pane > Forms panel and select the Create command.
2. You can start with an existing PDF, a Word or Excel file, or any other type of document. You can even scan an existing paper form.
3. If you begin with an existing Word form, the Create process will automatically convert the Word file to PDF and look for characteristics that indicate form fields, such as underlines or text boxes. These objects will automatically be converted to interactive form fields within Acrobat.
4. Once the process is complete, Acrobat will open the document in Form Editing Mode. You can use the commands in the Tasks panel to make further edits and refinements to your form.
5. When you have finished editing your form, recipients using the free Adobe Reader will be able to fill in and print your new interactive form.
6. If you would like to allow recipients using the free Adobe Reader to fill in, print, and save the form data, you’ll need to perform one final step. Close out of Form Editing Mode, and then from the File menu, select Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features. This will allow recipients using the free Adobe Reader to also save the form data; however, this feature is subject to some license limitations so be sure to read the Acrobat End User License Agreement for specific details.

Lori Kassuba   

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