How do I create actions to change the highlight color?

I'd like to create an action that changes the color of a highlight. For example an action named red that will convert the highlight color to red, green that will convert the color to green etc.

The best that i can think of would allow me to right click on the highlighted text and then convert immediately to a different color.

Edward Dunkerly

2 Answers

You need to use JavaScript to do that.
You can create an action with Action Wizard to execute the following JavaScript which will change the color of all highlight annotations in the document (to green in this example):

var annots = this.getAnnots();

for (var i = 0; i < annots.length; i++) {
    if (annots[i].type == "Highlight") {
        annots[i].strokeColor =;

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Almir R V Santos   

If anyone is still interested in this, I've developed a tool that allows you to change the color of the Highlighter tool with a single click: Acrobat/Reader -- Quickly Switch Between Highlighter Colors


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