How do I create a PDF file that can be digitally signed ?

Hello,We are using Acrobat digital signatures in my
With Acrobat Professional you can put in a
signature block that allows signing with a client-
side digital signature. This is something that can be
then done by someone using Acrobat Reader. This
is not the same as adding a digital signature to the
document—this is adding a space where a
signature can be added by someone else to
indicate acceptance of the produced PDF.
How do I create a PDF file with LaTeX that can be
digitally signed?thanks

annapurna hiremath

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Unfortunately LaTex cannot do the most important thing that is required for Adobe Reader to be able to digitally sign a PDF. It cannot add the Reader Signing Extension to the PDF. This Extension (or Right) can only be added with Acrobat Professional or a special Adobe server.

Alternatively, you could use a 3rd party tool to add the digital signature.

D.P. Story at has a technique for adding form fields to a PDF with LaTex. He might be able to tell you how to add signature fields.

You can find a better explanation of Reader Rights in the "Reader vs Acrobat" video here:

Thom Parker
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Reader cannot add form fields of any kind, so if you want a visible signature in a form field you will have to create the PDF and assign the appropriate rights for allowing Reader to sign the PDF.

Have you tired to use Acrobat to add a signature field?

Have you tired the La TeX project documentation and forums?

There are digital signature services like Echo Sign that users with Reader can use.

George Kaiser   

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