How do I create Instructions on a form that don't print using Acrobat X?

I have a form that I want to use but I want to provide some instrcutions. I want to have the instructions show when the user requests them and I don't want them to print.

Joseph DeFiglia

3 Answers

There are various possibilities for your instructions. A typical approach is to create overlaying fields containing the instructions. You will also add small button fields which will open the instruciton field, and may also close them.

Let's call the instruction field "instruction". This field may be a simple text field, or it may be a button field as which icon you set a PDF which contains the instruction. The latter allows you to create the instructions in a page layout program with all its capabilities. Normally that field is hidden.

The "hotspot" field has two JavaScripts:

a) in the MouseUp event, you add

this.getField("instructions").display = display.noPrint ;

b) in the MouseExit event, you add

this.getField("instructions").display = display.hidden ;

Now, when the user clicks on the hotspot field, the instructions open, and when he moves the mouse away, it closes automagically.

Hope this can help.

Max Wyss   

I couldn't get the mousover to work where it would show and disappear but I used the information to change the properties of a text box so it shows during form completion but not printing.

Joseph DeFiglia   

Here is a detailed article on How to add instructions to a PDF form as suggested by Max using a form field button.

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Lori Kassuba   

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