How do I convert multiple WordPerfect files to a Single PDF file?

I signed up for the trial version of Adobe XPro to see if I could use the program to convert multiple WordPerfect files to a single Adobe file. So far, I have not been able to open a WordPerfect file in Adobe, so it appears that I cannot use the program for the desired purpose.

rick poland

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File - Create - Combine Files into a Single PDF...

By Gilad D (try67)   

Actually Acrobat does not support WordPerfect conversion using the File > Create > From File(s) feature, you must use the PDF Printer feature instead. WordPerfect has a good Publish to PDF feature but you would have to use a macro/script to batch process. Doing a web search for 'batch convert wordperfect to PDF' brings up a lot of options but WordPerfect's Publish to PDF feature tends to retain pagination better from my experience.

David Rickey   

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