How do I convert a PDF formate to PDF/A Formate

I am using a Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner with Acrobat 9,which produces great PDF output. I need to E-File PDF/A formats for the Court System. How can I convert this PDF format to the required PDF/A Format. Do I need to upgrade my acrobat version & if so how to i go about this conversion.

Robert Bettica

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Hi Robert,

In Acrobat you can use the Preflight tool (under the Advanced menu). Once you open the Preflight dialog select PDF/A from the Profiles pulldown ( there are several different PDF/A type options, not sure which one you require).

Hope this helps,

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Dimitri Munkirs   

PDF of scanned document means PDF/A-1b.
Use the "Convert to PDF/A-1b (sRGB)" Preflight.
You must have Acrobat Pro for Preflights.

Two references.
At Rick Borstein's Blog:

PDF/A-1 in Acrobat 9 and LiveCycle ES:

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David Austin   

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